Tardigrade Psychological Services, LLC is primarily a telehealth psychology practice (secure & confidential video conferencing). Dr. Goldberg is licensed to practice in New York, South Carolina, and Georgia. Engaging in psychotherapy can be emotionally triggering and challenging work. At times, the process may leave you feeling uncomfortable and discouraged. It will be important for you to communicate regularly. Therapy typically works best when you make it a high priority in your personal life. Therefore, in effort to make treatment as convenient and comfortable as possible, we believe in the power of telehealth appointments. Receiving mental health services via telehealth allows you to receive treatment at times or in places where services may not otherwise be available, in the comfort of your own home, and the unique characteristics of telehealth media may also help some people make improved progress on health goals that may not have been otherwise achievable without telehealth. To get the most out of your telehealth appointment it is recommended that you have a place where you can have privacy for an uninterrupted hour.

Although psychology via telehealth is well validated by research, service delivery via telehealth may not be a good fit for every person. Therefore, if you prefer an in-person face-to-face intake appointment, we are happy to arrange an appointment in our Bluffton, South Carolina or our Savannah, Georgia office. We are located at 110 Traders Cross, Bluffton, SC 29909. We are also located at 100 Bull Street, Suite 200, Savannah, GA 31401.

We do not currently offer in-person face-to-face office visits in New York.

Please contact us directly if you are interested in an on-course golf sports psychology session.